And it Begins Again…

Shall be updating this ol’ thing again to cover my MA thesis. I am not sure whether to just continue on my old blog, or just keep going with this one as of yet.


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Brian handed in our thesis at 11.20 AM

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Last Tuesday Ever…

Bit of a ‘mare getting into DCU today but we all made it! And we are (more importantly) happy with what we have done. After some extreme tidying and proof-reading, we decided we were finished! I stayed behind to get it bound in DCU. It ended up being over €100! Wasn’t quite expecting that but it’s done! All three copies are bound and look great.

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Last Monday ever…

Brian came over to my house at 3. The others won’t be able to make it in until after 11 tomorrow so we’ll all get together and attempt to get it bound by then!

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Last Week Approaches…

We seem set to go! Meeting with Brian tomorrow afternoon to finalise a few things. Bring on Tuesday!

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Looking into binding costs. We’re not sure how much it will be, but it’s a mighty good feeling to be looking at finishing this!

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Friday Meeting

Met at 10 again. Still tidying up things. Christina’s sister already proof-read it. Looking to get it bound and/or submitted early-hopefully Monday or Tuesday! It is complicated by teh fact that it is a Bank Holiday on Monday so Rich and Christina can’t make it into DCU. We literally have to get anything left over done this weekend and just tidy it on the Tuesday.

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