Fourth Meeting

CG05 @ 2.00

After this ad, apparently 35 less people died. So shock tactics do work. Despite this, we still want to avoid the gore tag on our project. Trying a different approach is still our goal. A lot of ads don’t work really. After all, people are still drinking and driving, and speeding! Therefore, we should find out what is the most sensitive issue to grasp.

Radio ad:

We discussed this further. We had the idea of a Garda-style scanner, fading in to the ad, which would set the scene at an accident caused by alcohol.

Poster campaign:

We discussed a pub campaign. The idea of putting graphic images on beer mats. This has been done with cigarette packs. There would be nothing so effective as viewing a stark image while downing a pint! However, with these recessionary times, this may be extremely difficult to convince a pub to accept anything negative associated with alcohol. The power of the alcohol lobby in Irish culture and economy cannot be underestimated.

We finished off with a scripwriting idea. Since for our scriptwriting module, we are doing an assignment, Brian and Rich are going to write a script up related to this project. Hopefully the grading and the feedback will aid us!

Song of the day!