Presentation 2.0

The second presentation happened today. A much smaller panel than last time. While I was expecting the previous seven lecturers, there were only three! Dr. Brereton, Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Judge presided over the presentations. Dr. Lawrence had major reservations concerning our project the last time and Dr. Judge is our overall co-ordinator, so this is very important.

To recap: “Sláinte” is a promotional campaign about alcohol awareness consisting of a short film, radio advertisement and real world advertising. The idea was to have these three traditional forms of media being used in a new method. Our USP (Unique Selling Point) remains the same: No gore, and the focus being on the emotional and psychological aspects of the individual characters.

Our “new” proposal will show a series of four videos, featuring four characters on a night out. The films will be roughly a minute each, so four minutes in total. Each of the characters will be independent in their own right, but will interlink in some way. The videos will be exhibited in Dublin City centre and will go on for three days. Assuming the permissions go well, the videos will be displayed on a pane of the window of a shop. The viewer will have to follow the screens to see the full story. The exhibition will go on for two to three days, in Mid-May.

Before each video, the “Walking in O’Connell Street” graphic will be looped. Except instead of walking, the animation will be stumbling around, drunk. This will grab attention to the screen and with enough people, the movement will trigger motion sensors, which start the video. The conclusion will be the projected chalk outline of a body on the ground, accompanied by the Garda radio ad.

The panel seemed pleased with this plan. It got approval! Dr. Lawrence (who was our main  critic during the last meeting) mentioned that this is far more what they are looking for and commented that we seemed  much more together as a group.

I think I’ll have a Newkie Brown tonight to celebrate!

Link to the brochure:

Link to the PowerPoint Presentation slides:

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After meeting today, we have a Powerpoint (this time) and brochures for the lecturers for our new proposal. Hopefully will be detailed more tomorrow. Ricj also found this motion sensor to discuss further with our tutor.

We have a calendar made out, too.

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Another Garda Contact

My own contact seems to have fallen through but I got into contact with the Press Office and they recommended me to call a certain number. (specified in an e-mail) When I called, they recommended I e-mail…

Not getting anywhere here. They need to run everything by their superiors and this can take time.

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Police Contact

We finally got some feedback from the police today. One of our group knows a Guard and while still unofficial, mentioned this:

“I found out some details from a garda, pretty brief but he is going to try

to get lecture notes off a student from Templemore or he said he could try
to get us in contact with someone in Santry if we needed him to.

Drunken Fight
If a drunken fight erupts, Gardaí issue verbal warning. Gardaí step in, if
people don?t stop and continue fighting they are arrested. If someone is
standing watching or deemed to be interfering and do not leave scene when
asked by Gardaí, they can also be arrested. (Public Order Act).

If a member of the public rings 999 or 112, they are put through to an operator
in Dublin (asked if they need an Ambulance, An Garda Siochana or Fire Brigade).
When you request Gardaí, you will be put through to the Garda barracks in
the region you are ringing from. You will be asked to give your name and
your address. The barracks will then send out a car.

Road accident
In the case of a fatal accident, the accident investigation unit are sent
out to the scene of the accident. In an accident where no one is injured,
Gardaí tell the people involved to swap names, addresses and insurance details.
When someone is injured, Gardaí will have to investigate.

In the event of a large accident occurring (e.g. bus crash), every county
in Ireland has a national emergency plan (the County Council, Civil Service,
An Garda Siochana and the regional hospital co ordinate together and follow
a plan laid out for them.

The worst road traffic accident witnessed – Three teenage boys killed in
a road traffic accident when two cars collided on a straight road (playing
chicken). All were under the influence of alcohol.”

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More Police Business

We’re still getting nothing from the Gardaí so I’ll try asking my neighbour, who is a former Guard. It’s been a while since he’s been in the force though, and he wasn’t involed with the traffic corps. Not ideal, but we’re getting sick of waiting.

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Story Thoughts

With the continuing development of our project, we are currently looking at our scripts and story layout. I got this e-mail from one of the group members:

I was just thinking about the story of the video. I don’t have a fully fledged
idea yet. But I was thinking about when we were talking about skins. I was
thinking we cud have each video segment focus on a particular character in
the group, during their night out, while still progressing the story in the
ordinary linear format. And try get that edgy perspective on drinking as
well, so it’s all positive from their point of view (for the most part),
even when they do questionable things, cause we did say we wanted to stay
away from being too preachy.

Looks like the group (myself included) are happy with this and will be looking into the best way to implement it.

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Gallery Permission And More!

Some good news from the Hugh Lane Gallery. They are fine with us using the “Walking on O’Connell Street” idea as long as it is for educational purposes. One we mentioned we were from DCU and it being a non-profit venture they warmed. A man called Patrick Casey is in charge and he said all copyright laws are usually waivered for educational projects such as our but he will e-mail us to confirm the release to us.

We have some more images from Henry Street and we will be asking around shops there for permission. We are STILL waiting feedback from the Guards but we will continue asking them specific questions:

  1. do the Gardaí have a special code/language when dealing with a drunken incident dispatch procedure?
  2. what are their general opinion about drunken fighting in the country?
  3. what is the dispatch call procedure?
  4. where are audio samples?
  5. how would the conversation go?
  6. how many tend to get set out?
  7. would they consider alcohol-related violence as different from “regular” violence? if so how do they approach such situations?
  8. is there a Central Dispatch?

We will also e-mail our tutor about the use of wireless motion sensors. Apparently he has had experience with them before.

We are also finalising our story script, but it will start out with a fun night with a very sudden end. We wonder if we will leave the ending ambiguous… could teh character’s death be caused by a fight or a fall?

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