Last Week Approaches…

We seem set to go! Meeting with Brian tomorrow afternoon to finalise a few things. Bring on Tuesday!

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Looking into binding costs. We’re not sure how much it will be, but it’s a mighty good feeling to be looking at finishing this!

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Friday Meeting

Met at 10 again. Still tidying up things. Christina’s sister already proof-read it. Looking to get it bound and/or submitted early-hopefully Monday or Tuesday! It is complicated by teh fact that it is a Bank Holiday on Monday so Rich and Christina can’t make it into DCU. We literally have to get anything left over done this weekend and just tidy it on the Tuesday.

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Thursday Meeting

Finished much of the report. Christina is going to forward it to her sister, who is a teacher, for proof-reading.

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Wednesday Meeting

Met at 10. Nothing much to report. Still working away but making good progress.

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Last Co-ordinator Meeting

We met with our thesis co-ordinator at 10 today. Just to handle any last-minute questions anyone may have! We’re still working away on the report.

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Last Full Week…

… a scary prospect indeed! Met at ten. Have the second heading for our Research Report allocated. We thankfully have the first bit done. We are going to share the section on Advertising. I am going to focus on the appeal of our project through the medium, Brian is going to explain the ActionScript code and the Music choice, Richard is going to  discuss our contacts and Christina will write about our Garda adventures. While this was abandoned, the influence cannot be ignored. We also have 90 questionnaires done, so it will be a lot easier to achieve our goal of 100. We have “Sláinte” on Youtube now too!

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