Thursday Meeting

Finished much of the report. Christina is going to forward it to her sister, who is a teacher, for proof-reading.

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Wednesday Meeting

Met at 10. Nothing much to report. Still working away but making good progress.

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Last Co-ordinator Meeting

We met with our thesis co-ordinator at 10 today. Just to handle any last-minute questions anyone may have! We’re still working away on the report.

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Last Full Week…

… a scary prospect indeed! Met at ten. Have the second heading for our Research Report allocated. We thankfully have the first bit done. We are going to share the section on Advertising. I am going to focus on the appeal of our project through the medium, Brian is going to explain the ActionScript code and the Music choice, Richard is going to  discuss our contacts and Christina will write about our Garda adventures. While this was abandoned, the influence cannot be ignored. We also have 90 questionnaires done, so it will be a lot easier to achieve our goal of 100. We have “Sláinte” on Youtube now too!

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Filmbase Exhibition

Arrived at 10 o clock and began setting up equipment, cables, webcams, information leaflets, etc. By eleven, six screens were displaying Sláinte (two iMacs and four 42”plasma’s screens.) Before the lunchtime crowds had formed, we took shots of the location and the buildings. Then we set up the camera for interviews and shots of the public interacting with our exhibition. We proceeded to ask willing spectators for their opinions and thoughts on the subject matter, editing style, effectiveness and overall feelings about the exhibition. The variety of interviewee demonstrated the diverse personalities we met and the responses underlined our beliefs. Our viewers ranged from media students to transition year boys, band members to businessmen, clergy members to tourists. Each reflecting different understandings of the demonstration. Our display was at the heart of temple bar on a Friday so, with the permission of Filmbase we were allowed to leave the four plasma screens playing all weekend. Being literally 20 feet away from the main entrance to The Button Factory we agreed to film the reactions from the bustling crowds queuing outside the venue waiting to see popular Dublin band Director. We felt this was an ideal opportunity for our target audience to experience our story at a perfect time, just as they were about to socialize for the night.

Thank you, Filmbase!

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Library Exhibition

The Library has been the most enthusiastic to host the exhibition so far. When we arrived at 9, we had one big problem. No power source near the windows. We can hardly have cables running everywhere but the reception agreed to let us use their computer sockets. So we still had the two IMacs near the front of the Library. We set up a camera set up near the stairs to record audience reactions. We also advertised with posters and fliers this time. We have had a lot more interest this time. Brian made the sensor display bigger, so people can see themselves trigger the videos. Again, feedback has been positive. Headphones had to be included, since they were demanded! The sound and lyrics added to the project immensely. While it was running, I got quite a bit of the Research Report done, too. So overall very successful.

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DCU Trials

Had our “trial” exhibitions in DCU from 11-3 today. We had two IMacs from ISS and set them up in the Canteen initially. We also want to host them in the Henry Grattan. Due to the glare on the canteen windows we set one screen up in the Canteen and one in the Street in the Henry Grattan in the School of Communications. Two birds with one stone!

The projects themselves are working perfectly. Anthony’s audio is a little jumpy but the webcam sensors are working and indeed are proving popular. Despite most people preferring to avoid the camera, we are filming their interactions and we have some good footage. Overall we are getting lots of looks but relatively few staying overall. Having said that, we never advertised it, or printed an explanation to what it is. At the risk of sounding pompous, the feedback we have had so far has been overwhemingly positive. Students appreciated the good side to alcohol consumption. They also appreciated the fine line that must be made not to actually promote alcohol at the same time.

Some observations:

Music attention was apparent. Video alone wasn’t enough to stop hungry pedestrians.
Sensitivity at 70% worked the best. 30% and 50% were too low and didn’t leave enough time for onlookers to see themselves on camera. Once this was amended, people regularly stopped and watched the video.
We decided to demo the first installation without fliers or any extra visual information to see if the public could work out the story for themselves. In hindsight I believe it works best is some information is given. If an onlooker is having difficulty figuring out the theme/issues being shown they quickly loose interest.
The most common course of events was that a person would look at the first twenty seconds then look for some evidence confirming their suspicions of the video. If they then seen an information sheet they read it and watch the end of the video.
Various men were intrigued by the volume and clarity of the NIZMO Vibroblast speaker. How it worked, and its compactability. Females were the most responsive to the video, they showed physical responses and emotional connections with the short films.
Foreign students (Asian in particular) seems curious and amused by the concept. They followed the simple story and believed that a language barrier was not an issue. They enjoyed the characters and believed they had seen all 4 in or around Dublin on their travels. Also Asian males loved the technology of the motion sensors and the Vibro speaker.
Once the volume of traffic picked up at lunch time we had at least two people looking at the video at any one time.
Some passer by’s were slightly confused when the sound started with no visible speaker and we noticed them looking for the source. Once they realised the glass window was the speaker they were amazed and interested.
We found that once we began filming the crowds passing they became uncomfortable and moved on. So footage of the trial exhibit was difficult to capture.
“What’s that about?”
“Where’s the speaker?”
“That’s Barry!”
“Oh look, we’re on camera!”

For our Exhibition in FilmBase we intend to change the size of the webcam image, a larger image will appeal to the audience and look visually stronger. Also, the area of display will be carefully looked at because some problems arose over reflections from the sun hampering our visual clarity. Likewise sound is paramount. It is an attention grabber and stops people in their tracks.
The restaurant’s strong points were its volume of traffic and the target audience. Its spacious environment aided sound and gave us plenty of room to manoeuvre. We were able to set up in peace and enjoyed a great view of the spectators as they observed our films.
We all agreed that leaflets or posters detailing the exact purpose of the exhibition is a valid option that should be addressed.

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